1.5 The Show Trials

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What two things happened in Stalin's life during 1931-32? Some Communist Party members criticised him and his wife committed suicide
Who started gaining support in 1934? Sergei Kirov, Party leader in Leningrad
When Kirov was assassinated, what did Stalin claim? It was evidence of a Trotskyite plot
What did he use this as an excuse to do? Purge the party
What did he want to become? The last of the Old Bolsheviks
How many Party members did the NKVD round up? Thousands including their neighbours, relatives and acquiantances
What was done with most of them? They were put in slave labour camps
Where did Stalin organise the show trials? Moscow
Who went on trial in August 1936? Some party members including Zinoviev and Kamenev
Who was the state prosecutor? Vyshinsky
What did he accuse them of? Killing Kirov, plotting to kill Stalin and Lenin and conspiring with Trotsky
What had occurred months before? Physical and psychological torture and family threats
What happened at the trial? They all were accused guilty and sentenced to death and executed at once
How did foreign observers react to the first trial? They were convinced the men received a fair trial and sentence
When did the second show trial begin? January, 1937
Who were put on trial? One name 17 Bolsheviks. Karl Radek
Why did Radek get sent to labour camp where he died? He implicated others
What did Stalin fear? The Red Army's power
Who was arrested, tried and shot in secret in 1937? Marshal Tukhachevsky
What did this do to the Red Army? Weakened it greatly whilst Hitler was threatening USSR
When did the Great Show Trial take place? March 1938
Who were on trial? A critic of Stalin, Bukharin, and Yagoda who was head of NKVD
What were they accused of? Spying, sabotage, working with Trotsky and Hitler
What did Bukharin do? Insist innocence until his baby and wife were threatened
Why did he confess? Stalin promised not to harm them
What did Stalin eventually do? Sent Yagoda's wife to a labour camp
How many men in total were brought up before the Show Trials? How many were executed? 54 47
How many were arrested? About 5 million
What did Stalin do after the second world war? Reopened labour camps and continued purging
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