French Revolution Area of Study One

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Key knowledge for History Revolutions unit 3 French Revolution

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First Estate 0.4% of population. Clergy Collected Tithe Biggest land owners Privileged
Second estate Nobility/Aristocracy 0.6% of population Second biggest land owners Privileged
Third estate Everyone else 99% of population owned 55% of land No privileges
Taille Land Tax
Vingtieme 5% tax on income (war tax)
Gabelle Salt Tax
Corvee Labour Tax (Forced Labour)
Cahirs de doleance Grievances to the king.
Abbe Siyes Jan. 1789 What is the third estate
Estates General 5th May 1789
National Assembly Formed 17th June 1789, Representatives from the third estate form the National Assembly and declare they won't leave until new Constitution is formed.
Rights of Man and Citizen 26th of August 1789, National Assembly decrees Rights of Man and Citizen
Tennis Court Oath 20th of August 1789, Signed by members of third estate locked out of Estates General
Women's march on Versaille 5th October 1789 Women stormed palace of Versaille, leads to king returning to Paris
King Returns to Paris 6th of October 1789
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