The Causes of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

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The Causes of the Troubles in Northern Ireland Protestants Didn’t Want Terence’s Compromise
Protestants Politics - Elections were often rigged so that Catholics were excluded from power. Gerrymandering - rigging of political boundaries Only property owners were allowed to vote - therefore favoring the rich (mostly unionists) Some Catholics felt oppressed by the unionist dominated RUC and B-Specials
Didn't Depression of the 1930's - the worldwide depression caused severe hardship Catholic & Protestant workers protested against unemployment & poverty The alarmed government promised jobs to Protestants only Workers unity soon gave way to sectarian (religious) divisions Riots broke out between Catholic and Protestant workers
Want War years - Northern Ireland was not neutral, therefore was bombed War improved the N. Irish economy with work available in the shipyards and cotton mills However discrimination against Catholics continued under Sir Basil Brooke (N.I. Prime Minister)
Terence's Prime Minister of N. I. Terence O'Neill - 1963-69 Tried to build the N. I. economy Wanted to improve relations with Catholics and the Republic Encouraged the formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association Hard-line unionists were furious with O'Neill saying it was a "betrayal of Ulster" This was led by Rev. Ian Paisley (Loyalist)
Compremise Civil rights movement - 1967 the NICRA was established Led by John Hume, Gerry Fitt & Bernadette Devlin Their aims: fair share of jobs & council houses for Catholics, end to Gerrymandering and One person one vote system instead of property owners only system 1968 & 1969 - RUC and Loyalists led brutal attacks on NICRA marches in Derry O'Neill resigned in April 1969 - N.I. slipped rapidly towards violent sectarian confrontations The troubles had begun.
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