Before the 1905 Russian Revolution

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Why was Tsar Nicholas an unpopular emperor? He had outmoded beliefs about religion, tradition and was guided by blind faith rather than pragmatism. The Tsar relied on ministers and advisors, most of which were highly incompetent.
Who made up the Russian Population? 82% of the population were the peasents 12% were the Upper Class 4% were the proletariat (industrial working class) 1.5% were Intelligentsia 0.5% were the Ruling Class
What were the injustices the Russian People had to face? The Russian People were subjected to political repression, censorship, unsafe work, long working hours.
Why did the 1905 Revolution occur? The Russo-Japanese war was a catalyst for the war, which humilated the Tsar and added strains on the proletariat, who protested, and were gunned down during Bloody Sunday.
What was the Russo-Japanese War? The war grew out of rival imperial ambitions of the Russian Empire and the empire of Japan over the invasion of Manchuria and Korea. Both countries were out to get land.
Why did Russia lose the Russo-Japanese war? Russian high command was incompetent and surrended.
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