B2: Cells and Cell Structure

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Cell Membrane Thin layer around the cell. Controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell.
Nucleus Large structure inside the cell. Contains chromosomes which control the activities of the cell, and how it develops.
Cytoplasm Jelly like substance that contains many chemicals. Most chemical reactions of the cell happen here.
Mitochondria Small rod-shaped structures that release energy from sugar during aerobic respiration
Ribosomes Small ball-shaped structures in the cytoplasm, where proteins are made
Animal Cell Contains... Cell membrane, Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Mitochondria and ribsomes
Cell Wall Outside the cell membrane. It's made of cellulose, Which is strong and helps to support the cell.
Permanent Vacuole Fluid filled cavity. the liquid inside is called cell sap and is used for support.
Chloroplasts Small discs found in cytoplasm. They contain a green pigment called chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll Traps light energy for photosynthesis
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