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We used a Tripod for some of our shots in order to steady the camera and make the shots we took look more professional and of higher quality. The tripod also allowed me to film through different perspectives e.g. high or low angle shots to represent authority.
The camera we used for filming our media product is available for anyone to get and is affordable for anyone wishing to start his or her own film piece. The camera can also be used to take still photographs, which I used in order to make my animatic storyboard. This filming piece is a good example of how anyone can make a film in good quality.
I have used Blogger in order to save all of the work I have done about the research and production tasks. Blogger is an easy form of advertising for many small production companies that want to upload their progress for no fee.
A laptop was used to finish our film product in terms of editing. Once we had filmed our entire piece we deleted the scenes that contained mistakes or we decided to re film to make our project complete.
Google (the internet) was crucial for researching everything about our film. I used it to research our target audience, film genre and music (sound) to finish our piece.
We also used a voice recorder to add narrative and improve the sound in general of our media piece therefore it was a vital piece of technology.
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