Different Types of Tourism

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Incoming Tourism Also known as 'inbound tourism'. This is when tourists arrive in a country different to their own.
Example of Incoming Tourism An English person travelling to Lisbon would be an incoming tourist to Portugal.
Domestic Tourism A tourist travelling to a destination within their own country.
Example of Domestic Tourism A tourist travelling from Northampton to York.
Outgoing Tourism Sometimes known as 'outbound tourism' This is when a tourist leaves their own country to go abroad.
Example of Outgoing Tourism A tourist leaving Manchester to travel to New York.
Business Travel Tourists that travel for the purpose of business work.
Example of Business Travel A tourist travelling from Berlin to London to attend a conference.
Leisure Travel When tourists travel for the purpose of fun.
Example of Leisure Travel Can be as little as a day trip to a beach. OR As large as a world tour lasting 6 months.
VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) When tourists travel to meet friends or relatives.
Example of VFR A tourist travelling from Northampton to Glasgow to meet his parents.
Excursions A short visit to an interesting place or activity as part of a tourist's holiday.
Example of Excursions A tourist travelling to Alton Towers whilst on holiday in Alton.
Adventure Trips Travelling for the purpose of challenge, exploration, skills development or thrills.
Example of Adventure Trip Ice climbing in the Alps.
Package Holidays A holiday arranged by a holiday operator and brought by customers that includes at least two of the following within its cost: Travel, accommodation and food
Example of a Package Holiday Provider Tour operator e.g. Thomson or Thomas Cook
Independant Travel The opposite of a package holiday. This is when a tourist makes their own way and organises their own travel for their holiday.
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