Case Studies

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MEDW/MEDC and LEDW/LEDC case studies for A2 travel and tourism revision

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Case Studies
  1. MEDW
    1. London
      1. Olympics (2012)- transport development
      2. Dubai
        1. 30% of their gross domestic product= Tourism
        2. Benidorm
          1. Mass tourism- Gran hotel Bali
            1. Attractions
              1. Terra Mitica
                1. Benidorm Palace
                  1. Terra Natura
                    1. Levante beach
                    2. Originally a small fishing village- 1950's
                    3. Berlin
                      1. Dark Tourism- Holocaust memorial site
                      2. New York
                        1. Plaza Hotel- luxury tourists
                        2. Zakynthos/Zante
                          1. Loggerhead turtles- tourism killing turtles, raising awareness
                            1. WWF- bought piece of land to protect species
                          2. LEDW
                            1. Machu Picchu, Peru
                              1. Tourism Concern- porters, 50kg to 25kg
                                1. Tourists: Culture vulture, active tourists, nature tourists
                                  1. Inca Trail- 500 permits a day
                                    1. Hotel Monasterio- luxury hotel, piped O2 into guests rooms
                                    2. Maldives
                                      1. Thilafushi island
                                        1. Conflict- between locals and tourists, demand for imported goods increased,
                                        2. Santa Lucia, Ecuador
                                          1. Ecotourism- lodges out of local timber
                                          2. Thailand
                                            1. Sea gypsies- lost homes
                                            2. Kenya
                                              1. Travellers Beach hotel and club (All inclusive tourism)
                                                1. Vipingo Ridge- restricted access to water for locals
                                                2. Nepal
                                                  1. External pressures- earthquake 2015
                                                    1. Mount Everest- adrenaline junkies, active tourists
                                                    2. Manyallaluk, Austrailia
                                                      1. Cultural tourism- basket weaving, painting
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