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This is the TTU COMS 2300 FINAL review.

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Question Answer
Things a speaker should do 1. Tell them what you're going to tell them 2. Tell them 3. Retell them what you told them
modes of persuasion (3) 1. Ethos 2. Pathos 3. Logos
Categories of supporting material (4) 1. Data 2. Opinion 3. Narrative 4. Experience
Cannons of rhetoric (5) 1. Memory 2. Style 3. arrangement 4. Invention 5. Delivery
Monroe's sequence (5) 1. Attention 2. Need 3. Satisfaction 4. Visualization 5. Action
Motivated sequence (4) 1. Describe situation 2. evaluate problem 3. propose solution 4. Argue that situation
Logical fallacies flaw in the logic o fan argument. Fallacies are persuasive and dangerous bc they resemble valid reasoning and people often accept them as legitimate
Hasty generalization A fallacy that makes claims from insufficient evidence or unrepresentative examples
straw man A fallacy that misrepresents an opponents position, in order to make it appear less desirable than ones own position
False analogy A fallacy that occurs when an argument by analogy compares entities that have critical differences
Slippery slope A fallacy of causation that says that one action inevitable sets a chain of events in motion
Red herring A fallacy that introduces irrelevant issues to deflect attention from the subject under discussion
False dilemma The "either/or" fallacy A fallacy that confronts listeners with 2 choices when in reality, more exist
Translate Post hoc ergo propter hoc After this, therefore because of this
What is Post hoc ergo propter hoc A chronological fallacy that claims that a prior event cause a subsequent event Confuses correlation with causation
translate Ad hominem (ad personam) Against the man (person)
define Ad hominem (ad personam) A fallacy that urges listeners to reject an idea because of the allegedly poor character of the person voicing it. In short, name calling Also, pointing out character flaws - real or alleged - that are irrelevant to the argument
Appeal to tradition A fallacy that opposes change by arguing that old ways are always superior to new ways
False authority A fallacy that uses testimony from sources from who have no real expertise on the topic in question
Bandwagon A fallacy that determines truth, goodness, or wisdom popular opinion