The Cold War 1943-56

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The Teheran Conference 1943 {Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt} >USA and Britain would open 2nd front in Germany >USSR would declare war on Japan once Germany defeated >Poland- get land from Germany, but lose some to the USSR
The Yalta Conference 1945 {Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt} >Germany would be split into 4 zones >Free elections in countries previously occupied in Eastern Europe > UN to replace League of Nations
Potsdam Conference 1945 - after war {Truman, Atlee & Stalin} >new boundaries of Poland agreed >Berlin and Germany divided between them >Trials at Nuremburg of Nazi criminals for war crimes
The Long Telegram 1946 Sent from US ambassador to Truman >Stalin calling for destruction of capitalism >No peace with USSR >USSR building up military power >USA should see to stop communism
Novikov's Telegram 1946 From Soviet ambassador to Stalin >USA wanted to dominate world >USA wouldn't co-operate >American public preparing for war
Truman Doctrine 1947 Address threat of communism >Choice between communism and democracy >USA had responsibility to fight for liberty >USA would help governments threatened by communism >Communism should be stopped
The Marshall Plan 1947 >USA committed $13 billion to rebuild economies in Europe >Countries had to trade freely with America
Cominform (Communist Information Bureau) 1947 >Represented communist parties across Europe >rejected Marshall Plan >Communists parties in West Europe encouraged to strike >Insured loyalty of Eastern Goverments
The Berlin Blockade & Berlin Airlift 1948-49 >Stalin set up military blockade around West Berlin to cut off West Germany from its capital >Allies responded with Berlin Airlift- planes transported supplies to West Berlin around the clock
Comecon (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) 1949 >Answer to Marshall Plan >Prevented trade with West Europe & USA >Encouraged economical development in East >Minimise American influence
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) 1949 >Alliance between USA and West European countries >Defend each other >Keep USA in, USSR out
Arms race 1945-55 >Both sides continuing commitment to maintaining a large army, navy and air force >Development of deadlier nuclear weapons
Stalin's death 1953 'De-Stalinisation' >Nikita Khrushchev- more liberal approach >promised to end Stalinism (Secret speech 1956)
Warsaw Pact 1955 >response to NATO >Military alliance between Eastern European countries
Hungarian Uprising 1956 >'Secret Speech' created hopes but nothing happened >Conflict between students, workers, army and police (Budapest) - Khrushchev brought Nagy back >Nagy's reforms -free elections -Leave Warsaw pact >Kadar (USSR supporter) sets up new government >200,000 & 1000 tanks Soviet troops entered Hungary in support of Kadar
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