Nazi War Economy 1939-45

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Flash card on the Nazi's war economy in World War Two, designed for A2 Level History

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How many more tanks did the USSR have compared to Germany in the early stages of the war? 2600
Give two examples of how chaotic organisation hindered the economy Gauleiters interfered with plans. The SS, army and the Ministry of Armaments and Economics all had control over armaments production
What did Hitler do in an attempt to increase war production? Issued decrees
What % of the workforce were in war related projects in 194? 55%
From 1939-41, what happened to German military expenditure? Doubled
How many more aircraft did Britain have compared to Germany in 1941? double
What was Goering's role and what did this mean? Plenipotentiary for the Office of the Four Year Plan 1936 - limitless authority over the economy
What did Goering do wrong? Give an example He made strategic mistakes - refused to introduce mass production of aircraft
What meant Goering did not work effectively in 1939? His morphine addiction
Even though production levels rose, why were they still a failure? They were out produced by the USA and the USSR
How did labour shortages hold them back? Give 2 examples Women were not fully mobilised and there was a heavy reliance on foreign workers
How many foreign workers were there in 1942? 6.4 million
Productivity of foreign workers was what % lower than the average worker and why? 60-80% and because of the poor treatment and conditions
Ersatz good could not fully compensate what? Coal and oil shortages
Why did Germany have to divert to defensive measures? Allied bombing
What % of women worked at the start of the war? 52%
Why was women labour not used effectively? They failed to exploit their current labour or conscript them
How did Stalin's scorched earth policy hinder the Germans? They couldn't exploit their resources. Eg. the Donbass region's output of coal was only 5% of their pre-war levels
What was Todt's role in 1942 and what did he do? Head of the Ministry of Armaments - simplified armaments production
After Todt, who was appointed as Minister of Munitions and when? Speer, Feb 1942
Speer's power was extended to what in Sept. 1943? Minister for Armaments and Production
What did Speer's new role mean? He was responsible for all industry and raw materials
What was the first thing Speer did? Developed Todt's Central Planning Board to coordinate economic organisation and give the industry more freedom
What happened to German war production from 1942-44? It trebled
What was one of Speer's aims in relation to the military? Exclude them from economic planning
What did tank production rise by under Speer? 25%
What did Speer do with prisoners? Used them as labour
Ammunition production rose by what under Speer? 97%
What did Speer try to do, with limited success? Encouraged the employment of women
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