Boer War

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Who was The Times aimed at and how much did it cost? Middle class men, 2d
Who was the Daily mail aimed at and how much did it cost? Lower middle class and working class, 1/2d
What was the issue with moving pictures in the Boer War? They moved too fast so enemies could not be seen and the fighting is fake
What was Buller's relationship to the press? He ignored them
How did Bobs manipulate the press? He would praise them, let them use the telegraph network in return for good press, and he would conquer a city and then fake it again for cameras
What did the real bobs sauce show? He knew the world he lived in
What was Kitchener's relationship with the press? He tightened censorship
What did the british press do in July 1900? Printed a story saying they've won
When did censorship collapse? When Emily Hobhouse went to South Africa to the concentration camps, tells her brother who is a reporter and the story is published
Where was Chamberlain popular? Birmingham
What was Lloyd George famous for? His opposition to the Boer War
What did the Esher Report 1904 do? Look at ways to make the army more efficient, it recommends changes to training, and looking at how Germany run their army
What were the divisions of the army recommended by the Esher report? The territorial army (defending Britain, volunteers, reserves) British Expeditionary Force (fight overseas)
How many British men were too unfit to fight? 1/3
Why were the men unfit to fight? And what caused these problems? They had rickets or were malnourished. This was caused by poverty.
What did Liberals want to do? Introduce social reforms so that 90% of men were able to work and fight
How many local authorities offered free school meals by 1912? (Introduced 1906) 50%
What happened to infant mortality? Decreased by 35%
What did the Housing and Planning Act 1910 do? Demolish slums and build new homes so that they had decent housing for low cost
Why did people lose faith in the war? In 1906, Britain shipped in slaves from China, despite going to war to abolish slavery
Why were the pensions in 1908 not a success? They were for over 70s and life expectancy in the slums was only 45
Why was the 1907 Education Act not a success? It introduced medical inspections in schools for poor people who could not afford a doctor, but they could be diagnosed, but not treated
When was Black week? Feb 1900
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