5.2 The Civil Rights campaign begins

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What three events marked the beginning of the Civil Rights campaign? Supreme Court's judgement in the Brown Case Lynching of Emmett Till The Montgomery Bus Boycott
What did the NAACP win court cases on? Cases that forced school districts to observe 'separate but equal' rule
What happened in 1952? NAACP back a case that attacked 'separate but equal' rule itself
What happened in May 1954? The Brown Judgement
Who was Linda Brown? What did she have to do? An eight year-old girl from Kansas who lived beside a white school Walk to take bus to get to her school
What did NAACP claim about segregated schooling? It made black children feel inferior and made it difficult for them to learn
What did Supreme Court do? Accepted the argument Ruled that school segregation must end with 'all deliberate speed'
What did the Brown Judgement do? What did southern whites fear? Cause Southern outrage Mixed schooling would cause mixed marriages
Where did racial tension rise after Brown Judgement? Who were revived? Mississippi Ku Klux Klax
What happened in August 1955? The lynching of Emmett Till
Who was Emmett Till? Where was he going in August 1955? A 14 year old black boy from Chicago To visit relatives in Mississippi
What did he do? What then happened? Whistled at a white woman Her husband and a friend brutally murdered him
What happened to the husband and friend? They were arrested and put on trial and found not guilty by all-white jury
What did this case attract? Media attention throughout America
What did other Americans realise? The lives of black citizens in the Deep South
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