Compounds and Mixtures

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What is an element? Elements are objects that have only one type of atom in it
What is a compound? Compounds are objects that are made up of many different types of atoms
What is a mixture? Mixtures are usually liquids and gases, that have different atoms in them but they aren't joined up
I have a mixture and a compound. They are both made from iron and sulphur, but one of them is magnetic. Which one is it and why? The mixture because the two elements in the compound have reacted to make a completely different substance while the mixture still has the two different elements
What does Iron and Chlorine react to make, and what does Magnesium, Chlorine and Oxygen react to make? Iron Chloride and Magnesium Chlorate
Is air a element, compound or mixture? Mixture
Is sea water a element, compound or mixture? Mixture
Is steel a compound, element, mixture or alloy? Alloy
What is Potassium Sulphate made up of? Potassium, Sulphur and 4 Oxygens
How can you separate dissolved salt from water? By filtering the water through a funnel with filter paper
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