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Date of release and director of James Bond: Skyfall 2009, Sam Mendes
Bond - Key Cast Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Naomi Harris, Javier Bardin
What are the key scenes in Skyfall for discussion of representation? Intro sequence - gender Fight scene in Turkey - gender Macao casino, boat scene - gender Close shave scene - gender M's trial with the PM - age Bond's fitness test - age Q & Bond in museum - age Hong Kong Scene - age
What are the key marketing techniques used by the producers of Skyfall? - A list cast - Olympics skit w/ Queen - Coke synergy - Product placement- Tom Ford, Heineken, Aston Martin - Adele's platinum hit themesong - Traditional techniques - posters, bus ads, 007 aftershave
What was the budget/profit of Skyfall? £150-200 million budget earned £1,108 million worldwide in box office
Producers, distributors of Skyfall? Produced by MGM and Eon, distributed by Sony
What is the target audience of Skyfall? 15+ males - consume for representation Otherwise an enormous audience - action fans (pick n mix), British audiences (representation), and all other audiences (due to Bond's iconic image, social purposes)
Date of release and director of The Selfish Giant? 2013 - Cleo Barnard
Selfish Giant - Key cast Connor Chapman (Arbor), Shaun Thomas (Swifty), Kitten (Sean Gilder)
What are the key scenes in The Selfish Giant to use for representation? Scrap collecting Baliffs at Swifty's Trampoline Swifty being bullied Dead colt/dead swifty
What are the key marketing techniques used by producers of Selfish Giant? Target Marketing - art house audience - Underground ads, full page promotional spreads, sponsored social media. Viral BAFTA parody of 'Gravity', 5 star guardian review, Roger Egbert. Opening film for 2009 youth film festival