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What is an alliance? An agreement between nations, often based on mutual defence.
What does annex mean? The seizing of a land from one country by another country.
What is an arms race? A competition between two nations who want to build more military equipment and weapons than the other.
What is a colony? A land that is established and ruled by another country.
What was a Dreadnought? The name given to a type of warship, named after the HMS Dreadnought, launched in 1906. Building these ships was a key part of the arms race between Britain and Germany before WW1.
What is an Empire? A group of countries across the world that is ruled by another country.
What was the Entente Cordiale? An agreement between Great Britain and France to remain on good terms and not quarrel over colonies, signed 1904.
What is imperialism? The belief in building a country's power by conquering other countries.
What is militarism? A belief in the importance of a strong and well-prepared army.
What is mobilisation? Placing armies on alert and preparing them for combat.
What is nationalism? A powerful love and loyalty for your own country and all its actions.
What is provenance? Where something comes from- its origin.
What is a rebellion? A violent attack against a government.
What is a sphere of interest? A country or area that another country has power, but not direct authority, over.
What is a treaty? A formal agreement made between states, which can be about anything from trade to ending a war.
What is the Triple Alliance? The military alliance formed between Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy in 1882.
What is the Triple Entente? The agreement reached between Great Britain, France and Russia in 1907.
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