Protestant Reformation and the Counter Reformation

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What were the Huguenots? They were the French Protestants.
What happened on the day of the St. Bartholomew's Massacre? Catherine (a Catholic) urged the murder of all Protestant guests at a wedding.
What was the Edict (Treaty ) of Nantes? It happened in 1598 and it allowed all Protestants to practice their own religion.
What was the Inquisition? It was a Catholic Church court to stop heresy. It was given more power to question, torture, and kill.
Who did the Inquisition put on trial? Enemies of the Catholic Church.
What powers did the Catholic Church have? Absolute power. It could question, torture, kill, arrest, and imprison a person on the slightest suspicion.
What nationality was Ignatius Loyola? It was Spanish.
What was the name of the religious society Loyola formed? He formed the Jesuits (society of Jesus).
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