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Questions about the Protestant Reformation

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What issues started the Reformation? Northern humanists stated that: church had lost sight of mission Popes acted like warriors and political leaders Priests concerned themselves with ceremonies instead of piety
What did the Peace of Augsburg state? Each German ruler could choose the religion for his state. The people could accept it or leave. Most rulers chose Lutheran.
Why did Erasmus believe there was free will? a person does have free-will because it is needed for there to be sin then have to turn to God to repent (has to gain connection with God and then go to heaven)
Why does Luther believe that there is no free will? God is sovereign in all things and especially in salvation. Luther explains that there is no free-will this is because God, in the end, has control over your life.
What is Luther's main issue with the Church? Luther’s main issues with the Church is how salvation is obtained and the doctrine of Catholic Church.
What is Luther's main issue with Erasmus? He believes that Erasmus's ideas promote God being inferior (free will, etc).
Why does Erasmus not emphasize the importance of Jesus Christ? The emphasis is on what men must do not what God has done through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the son of God. We can not be on the same level as the Son of God
What are the seven deadly sins? Pride Lust Sloth (lazy) Gluttony (excess) Envy Greed Wrath
What are the seven sacraments? Baptism- now a member of church Confirmation- gifts of Holy Spirit Communion- receive Body/Blood of Christ Confession- confess sins so they are forgiven Holy Orders- vows to become priest Marriage-publicly giving yourself to another Last Rites- last prayers and ministrations before death
What does the Bible say about women? The Bible reassured male authority; this means that women have to obey all men regardless of status or personality (ex. drunkard, thief) Conservatives believed in the Bibles view, while radicals say that in the Bible women were appointed to teach good things.
What was the purpose of the Council of Trent? To address the key problems of Catholicism and counter the reformation
What are some major problems with the Catholic Church? popes being partial uneducated or no priests sale of indulgences corruption
What were Luther's major points with the Catholic church? sola fida one only needed faith for salvation sola scriptura the Bible is the ultimate authority
1st Conference Rejected that the Bible is the ultimate authority sticking with the clergy interpretations. Outline priest duties Church hierarchy is in charge Rejected the thought of only two sacraments The council set decrees reaffirming the Old and New Testament, original sin and Latin as the official Bible and mass language.
2nd Conference defined the Eucharist saying that the bread and wine were literally the body and blood of Jesus Christ issued decrees on clerical discipline (punishing clergy wrong doings)
3rd Conference discussed praying to saints (still pray to them) clerical education issue of absentee priests and bishops cement Catholic beliefs on priests being anointed (they are more important) priestly discipline discussed indulgences (banned them) discussed the role of Popes
Why was the Inquisition started? The inquisition was created to combat the heretical views of unorthodox religions. It was a series of trials by the Catholic church that tried to get rid of heretics. The monarchs, judges, and the Pope were running the inquisition.
Roman Inquisition? created solely to suppress the ideas of Protestantism The Pope was in Charge of the Roman Inquisition. The Roman Inquisition only took place in certain of Italy, with few exception.
Spanish Inquisition created to combat false converts from Judaism and Islam Very violent trials, torture, etc. Ferdinand and Isabella lead the Spanish inquisition Spread outward to other countries Torquemada was the Grand Inquisitor
Abuses of power during the Spanish Inquisition? abused people who refused to confess burned non believers even though they may be pious questioned people randomly in the dark without a lawyer prosecutor and judge were the same person
What happened to the Jewish population in Spain in 1492? What was Torquemada's role in this? About 80,000 Jews were sent into exile. Called the Edict of Expulsion They either converted or left, if they did not they would be killed. Torquemada convinced Ferdinand and Isabella not to accept money for the Jews to stay
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