Reformation Key Terms

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Key terms of the Protestant Reformation

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Theocracy Church and State are one
Predestination God has already determined who is going to Heaven and finding salvation, and then who is not. Elects go to heaven, reprobates go to hell.
Indulgences the Catholic Church sold these so people could buy themselves salvation and pardon from sin
Why were indulgences a problem for poor people? They couldn't afford them so therefore couldn't buy salvation.
95 Theses Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses about how these were unholy, and sales began to decline as a result. publicly condemned indulgences and the church’s beliefs in them
Free Will The ability to make your own decisions (choose from right or wrong) that may or may not lead your to salvation. God and man work together for salvation (God helps guide and give free will)
Heretics a person who not only goes against a certain religion but often is persecuted because of their beliefs
Conversos a person who had converted to Christianity from Islam or Judaism during the time of the Inquisition they were forced to convert still practiced their religion
Diet of Worms They demanded that Luther retract his beliefs.
Edict of Nantes This states that the Huguenots have freedom of worship and certain rights.
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