Key People of the Reformation

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Key people of the reformation in Europe

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John Calvin From France Created Calvinism He was originally Catholic but switched to Protestantism. He was influenced by Zwingli and Luther. Disagreed with Church doctrine. Believes Christ is spiritually present in the bread and wine. (Eucharist) Believes in Predestination
Zwingli OG reformer in Switzerland. Influenced by Luther. Disagreed with Church doctrine. Had other countries wage war. Believes that the bread and wine are symbolic for Christ (Eucharist). two sacraments, not seven Believed in Sola Scriptura (Bible as authority) Does not like Anabaptists (reject OG sin)
Luther Scholar and monk in Germany Began the Protestant Reformation Created Lutheranism Made the 95 Theses Has a problem with everything, but mainly church doctrine Believed faith would lead you to salvation Does not believe in free will Believes you should fully understand the Bible
Hans Denk Founder of the Anabaptists
Johann Tetzel Tasked in selling indulgences in northern Germany
King Henry VII Separated England from the Catholic Church Head of the Anglican Church and Church of England
Erasmus Wrote "In Praise of Folly" Main problem in morality of clergy members Believes you should only need to understand some of the scripture in the Bible Does not emphasize Jesus Believes in Free Will
Ignatius Loyola Founded the Jesuits He read about the lives of Jesus and the saints after being injured in battle. He said that salvation came from hard work and self discipline. He has an epiphany and writes his ideas in a book called Spiritual Exercises.
Jesuits They are highly educated and disciplined clergy members who want to spread Catholicism Priests that studied the teachings of Ignatius Loyola. They did not use violence to get their point of across.
Pope Leo X Encourages the sale of indulgences to raise money for wars and buildings Pressures Luther to stop and retract his beliefs
Charles V Believed that Luther’s works would lessen the support for the church and Holy Roman Empire Ordered Luther to appear before the Diet of Worms
Pope Paul III create the council of Trent, He brought the inquisition from Spain to Rome, he helps starts the Jesuits.
Pope Paul IV He was responsible for the Index of Forbidden Books. This made it so that catholics could not read or acquire books that had Protestant ideas and beliefs.