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What is the Counter Reformation? When the Church retaliated and went against other beliefs.
What is the Council of Trent? To fix the Catholic Church and get rid of corruption. To stop the attacks against Protestants.
What is the Index Librorum Prohibitorium? A list of books that were firbidden. Established during Council of Trent in 1559 by Pope Paul IV. Were considered to be harmful to the faith of the morals of its followers.
What nationality was Ignatius Loyola? Spanish
What was the Inquisition? Used to stop heresy. Put the "Enemies of the Church" on trial. Had absolute power. Could arrest anyone on the slightest impression. Had financial incentive as could confiscate any property of heretics.
Who were the Huguenots? They were Calvinists in France.
What was St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre? Catherine invited the Protestants to a wedding and within hours, would kill and murder all of them.
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