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Paradise Lost Ft. The White Devil; Comparative flashcards
Philosophical Concepts of relevance Heidegger; Man must be aware both of his existence and it's fragility- Adam and Eve Plato's Ring of Ganges- Flamineo/Eve abusing their subtlety for personal gain The concept of work- Kafka's criticism of Capitalism in Metamorphosis (perhaps the cockroach bears semblance to both Humanity and Satan)
Contextual points John Milton "I cannot praise a fugitive in cloistered virtue" John Milton writes Areopagitica in 1644, 23 years before Paradise Lost Gunpowder plot 1605 English Civil War 1642-51
Concept: Illusion Flamineo " Glories, like glow-worms far off shine bright, But looked to near, have neither heat nor light" PL "Innocence, that as a veil had shadowed them from knowing ill, was gone" Different purpose via same medium- Milton strives for truth and intellectual freedom; proof in arguments for the end of censorship in Areopagitica. At the same time, Webster assaults the hollow constructs of society, where the mighty (such as Monticelso) are the embodiement of the greed which defines the world Webster identified
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