Texas History Exam 1 review questions

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Review questions over the first survey of Texas History

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Post Oak Savannah? A) Sandy Soil B) Petroleum C) Post Oak Timber D) Agriculture B) Petroleum
What is a Characteristic of the first dwellers Desert Culture? A) Hunted large game animals like bison and mammoth B) Burned woodlands to fertilize large trees to collect food C) Created baskets and nets for fishing, prickly pears, and seeds D) Farmers (lived in one place) C) Created baskets and nets for fishing, prickly pears, and seeds
What was not a purpose of the Spanish Missions? A) Provide safety to travelers B) A territorial claim to get more land for Spain C) To value tax paying citizens D) To convert Native Americans to Catholicism C) To value tax paying citizens
True or False The Cherokee tribe was relatively small, and had trouble adopting to european culture. False
Which of these are not plains Indians A) Wichita B) Comanche C) Apache D)Tonkawa E) Karankawa E) Karankawa
Which mission was the first permanent mission in Texas? A) La Bahia B) Ft. St. Louis C) Corpus Christi de la Ysleta D) San Antonio C) Corpus Christi de la Ysleta
Which Indian group was involved in the San Saba attack of 1758 A) Comanche B) Apache C) Caddo D) Tonkawa A) Comanche
Which was not part of the Adams-Onis Treaty A) Sabine set as Eastern border of TX B) Spain gives up Oregon C) U.S gives up Oklahoma D) Spain sells Florida to U.S C) U.S gives up Oklahoma
Which of the following was not an Empresario? A) Stephen F. Austin B) Martin de Leon C) Philip Nolan D) Haden Edwards C) Philip Nolan
According to the state colonization law (1825) how much land would a rancher be given? A) 3,752 acres B) 2,892 acres C) 4,428 acres D) 6375 acres C) 4,428 acres
Which natural region of Texas contains the Llano Basin, Edwards Plateau, and High Plains? A) North Central Plains B) Great Plains C) Coastal Plains D) Basin and Mountain E) None of the above B) Great Plains
Where did Columbus think he landed? West Indies
What mission served as a supply station and midway point between Mexico and the Eastern Texas missions on the frontier since 1718? A) San Antonio de Valero/ Bexar/ Alamo B) La Bahia C) San Francisco de los Tejas D) Corpus Christi de la Ysleta A) San Antonio de Valero/ Bexar/ Alamo
What did the Treaty of Paris (1783) do? Recognized the independence of the U.S Granted the U.S Significant western territories Spain gets Florida back
La Salle established which fort in Texas? Fort St. Louis (Ft. St. Louis)
What was the main belief of the federalist? Central government should be limited
What is the significance of the silk road to Spanish exploration? Led to economic and social separation (due to the deterioration of the road). Had to find alternate routes for goods.
According to the state colonization law of 1825, how much land is a farmer given? 177 acres
From what group of Indians does the word Tejas come from? The Caddos
The Island of Malhado is also known as? Galveston Island
Who survived the exploration in Adventures? De Vaca, Dorantes, Estevanico, and Castillo
What makes the Pineda stone historically inaccurate? A) the 7 B) the n C) both a and b D) the stone is accurate C) both a and b
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