People in Civil War

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A list of important people in American History leading up to and including the civil war

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Zachary Taylor Mexican American War Old Rough and Ready Leads troops to Monterrey and establishes forts at the beginning of the war
Winfield Scott Mexican American War Old Fuss and Feathers Supported professionalism of army Leads the attack on Mexico City
Joe Johnston Southern General Most senior ranking to go with south Personal feud with Davis
Robert E. Lee Southern General Rising star in professional army
Jefferson Davis Second guessed his field commanders Thought confederacy and slavery were one and the same
Stonewall Jackson Southern General Mistakenly shot by his own men
David Farragut Union General Captures New Orleans and Mobile Bay Goes to war at age 10
David Porter Union General Gunboat and Supply Boat in west
Santa Anna Mexican General Good at raising armies quickly
President Polk Wanted America to be Continental Empire Manifest Destiny
President Lincoln Wanted war to be short
George McClellan Union General Savior of the Union Fired for Insubordination
Ulysses S. Grant Union General Believed in the new style of warfare Total War
William Sherman Union General Good at Maneuvering Embraced total war
Irvin McDowell Union General Defeated at both battles of Bull Run
George Thomas Union General Artillery and cavalry commander
Philip Sheridan Union General Commander of field army in Shenandoah Scorched earth campaign
James McPherson Union General Atlanta
George Meade Union General Prepared defenses around Washington Superb defense of Gettysburg
Ambrose Burnside Union General Sideburns Known for attacking the same position over and over again
John Pemberton Confederate General 2 Brothers fought for union
John Bell Hood Confederate General Double Amputee Not a great field commander
Braxton Bragg Confederate General Worst of all agressive
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