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A list of important locations/battles during the Mexican American War and Civil War

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Forts Henry and Donelson Two important forts that controlled the river and allowed access to northern Alabama and Tennessee First major federal victory
Veracruz First major amphibious assault by Scott on his march to Mexico City
Monterrey Taylor attacked this city in his expedition at the onset of the Mexican American war Mexican commander thought to have lost his nerve and allowed an easy victory
Buena Vista Large scale battle between Taylor and Santa Anna Costly american victory Taylor's largest victory
Cerro Gordo Large hills that were along the National Road. Mexicans set up an ambush for Scott's forces however Lee was able to find paths that allowed American forces to flank the mexican troops
Molina del Rey & Chapultepec Castle Old cannon foundry. Bloodiest battle of the war Garrisoned by former US Army soldiers who were executed when they surrendered
Contreras & Churubusco Mexican army had strong defensive positions here Scott maneuvered his forces around and chose another path to Mexico City
Battle of the Crater Union forces tunneled underneath Southern positions during the stalemate outside of richmond Was a disaster because troops that were used did not have specialized training that was needed
Antietam / Sharpsburg First major battle on Union soil - bloodiest day in american history with 22,000 casualties
Shiloh Federal victory/draw 50,000 union - 40,000 confederates Grant forced back on first day, then held fast against confederate advance Jonhnston was killed in the battle 25,000 combined casualties
Battle of Mobile Bay Farragut led a force of ships against a smaller confederate fleet. Turned around northern morale and opinion.
Vicksburg Grant led Campaign 4 attempts to take the city On final attempt, Grant attacked Jackson Mississippi which cut the town off from reinforcements After this battle, Union controlled Mississippi which cut the south in half
Battle of Atlanta Confederate forces hold the city under command of General Hood Even though south had good defensive positions, the Hood went on offensive and eventually lost the battle
First Bull Run/First Manassas Initial Union Success Eventual Confederate Victory
Peninsula Campaign Led by George McClellan Unnecessarily sieges Yorktown which allows reinforcement of Richmond Eventually Union forces are repelled
Gettysburg Lee's second push north Meade takes charge of the union army 1 week before the battle North enters from south and south comes from north Lee chose battle even though he had no idea of terrain or Union troop numbers Victory restores the North's confidence
Richmond and Petersburg Grant wanted to take Richmond Long stalemate between Grant and Lee Grant extends lines south towards Petersburg in attempt to cut off confederate rail lines Eventually grant is able to take Petersburg which forces Lee to retreat
Fredericksburg Second display of insanity by Burnside Attacks Marge's heights 15 times 12,000 union casualties
Chickamauga South outnumbers the overextended union Largest confederate victory in the east Forces union back from North Georgia
Appomattox Courthouse Lee's retreat from Richmond eventually stopped here by Sheridan Surrender of Lee's forces
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