Causes of the English Civil War

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Causes of the English Civil War
1 Religion
1.1 Charles married the French Catholic Princess Henrietta Maria in 1625 - big mistrust in Catholics
1.2 Charles decorated churches to make them more Catholic
1.3 Charles decided to enfore the New Prayer Book on the Scots who were presbyterians. Rioting
1.4 Rebellions against Charles all over England
2 Power/politics
2.1 Tried and failed to arrest 5 MPs. Violent and stupid.
2.2 Believed in the Divine Right of Kings. Arrogant
2.3 Charles was at loggerheads with Parliament who refused to give him money through taxes to fight wars.
2.4 11 years tyranny
2.5 Charles forced to recall Parliament in 1641. Dissolved it after less than a month.
3 Money
3.1 Ship money
3.1.1 Made Charles over £200,000 a year - 90% of what he needed. Didn't need Parliament to agree.

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