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Causes of the English Civil War 1642


A flash card deck on the causes of the english civil war
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Long Term Religious Causes - Charles was a great believer in the Divine Right of Kings - Charles marriage to a Catholic, Henrietta Maria in 1625 - William Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633 - The Scottish Rebellion in 1637
Long Term Political Causes - The King and Archbishop had no tolerance for Puritans - The Court of the Star Chamber was used to punish people without a fair trial - The Long Parliament in November 1640
Long Term Economic Causes - Charles was in dire need of money - The 11 Years Tyranny - Charles had many unpopular ways of making money
Short Term Causes - Grand Remonstrance, November 1640 - Irish Rebellion, November 1641 - Attempted arrest of 5 MPs, January 1642 - Religious Divisions, February 1642 - Arguments about the army, March 1642 - The Nineteen Propositions, 1st June 1642
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