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14th amendment : one civil war amendment ; defined us citizenship and guarantees" equal protection under the laws
de jure segregation segregation established by law . for example jim crow & the supreme court decision in plessy v. ferguson
jim crow laws segregation laws in the south
original jurisdiction authority of a court to hear for the first time .
dried scott v. sanford case of name of a slave named dred scott.
plessy v. ferguson case about homer plessy , a black man who purchase a train for only white only railroad car
brown v. board of education of topeka , kansa banned segregation in public schools
briggs v. elliot case that challenged segregation schools in clarendon county , south carolina
korematsucamps v u.s during wwii japanese american citizens living on the west coast were moved to interments
university of california v bakke supreme court case on affirnative action
appellate jurisdiction the authority of a court to hear a case APPEALED from a lower court
legal brief written doc explaining the position of one side or there in a case
majority opionin a statement that the views of majority of the supreme court justics redarding case
dissenting opinion a staement written by a supreme curt justice who disagree with the majority opion , presenting his or her own opinion
stare decisis principle followed by judges & the supreme court
precent a ruling is used as the basic for the judical deccion in a alater silimar case
reverned j a delaine preacher menster of the school
harry briggs jr. Supreme Court of the United States. Decided January 28, 1952. Full case name, Harry Briggs, Jr.
thurgood marshell hurgood Marshall was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving from October 1967 until October 1991. Marshall was the Court's 96th justice and its first African-American justice
john w. davis ohn William Davis was an American politician, diplomat and lawyer. He served as a United States Representative from West Virginia from 1911 to 1913, then as Solicitor General of the United States
earl warren Earl Warren was an American jurist and politician, who served as the 30th Governor of California and later the 14th Chief Justice of the United States.
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