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Who was the first Tudor Monarch? What major changes did they make to England? Henry the seventh was a Lancaster. The Lancaster and the York's were fighting over the throne. However Henry was clever and married Elizabeth of York. Joining the two families together and therefore securing his place on the throne.
Who was the second Tudor monarch? What major changes did they make to England? Henry the eighth started off as a catholic. The cam the big matter with these three problems: : He did not get on well with church :Was running out of money : Had no male heir. So Henry decided to solve all these problems by making England a protestant country. He ruled the church. Meaning he got the churches money. He also was the church so couldn't argue with it. He could also now get a divorce and marry Ann Boleyn and try to get a male heir.
Who was the third Tudor monarch? What major changes did they make to England? Although Edward only 6 ruled for years before he died he made some big changes. When he became king he was only 9 so the council did most of the decisions. He was manipulated until he was of age. Then he took control. he followed his fathers work in dissolving monasteries and disgracing Catholics.
Who was the fourth Tudor Monarch? What major changes did they make to England? Lady Jane Grey was cousin to Edward. She was put on the throne instead of his sisters for theses reasons: Mary was a catholic and Mary was a protestant She already had male heirs. She came from a powerful and rich family. However Jane was only queen for 9 days as Mary came along...
Who was the fith Tudor Monarch? What major changes did they make to England? Mary came to the throne by overpowering Lady Jane Grey with her own army. When she was crowned the whole country celebrated. She imprisoned both Elizabeth and Jane in the Tower however only Jane was executed. Following in her mothers footsteps she did the counter reformation. Turning England back to a Catholic country. She ended up burning 280 protestants. She was married to the king of Spain but they barely saw each other. Then Mary started swelling and she finally thought she was pregnant however she had cancer and she died shortly after.
Who was the sixth Tudor Monarch? What major changes did they make to England? Elizabeth took over when her sister died. The whole of England was waiting to see what religion the country would become. However she knew that somehow she had to keep the whole of the country happy. So she made it a protestant country with some Catholic values this kept everyone happy. The main people she was worrying about were: -France -Spain - Protestant leaders who were coming back form Europe as they were expecting a protestant country. Elizabeth refused to have a relationship so was left without an heir.
Other Mar Queen of Scotts was a massive rival for Elizabeth as she was already Queen of Scotland and was engaged to the heir to the throne in France. However she was away a lot in Scotland so her French mother took over. This did not make Scotland happy. England joined up with Scotland to drive away the French. Meanwhile her husband passed away so she got a new one. However she began to find him annoying so when he was murdered she was suspected. She ran away to her cousin, Elizabeth in England. However she was locked up, suspected of treason and beheaded. Surprisingly Elizabeth was not to keen on this action. But it had to be done.
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