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The Torah First 5 books of what is now the Christian bible
3 Abrahamic Religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Abraham A Shepard in Ur, who wandered across the middle east. His sons names were Ishmael and Isaac. He eventually settled in the land of Caanan
Where did Abraham travel to? And what did he build there? He made a trip to Mecca, where he built the Kaaba.
Origins (God, promises, etc) Abraham follows God's orders to kill his son. In return God makes a promise to protect Abraham and his people (covenant)
What name does God take later on? Yahweh
When did Abraham and his people move to Egypt? And why did they move? Moved around 1600 BCE Moved because draught and famine.
How did the Egyptians react to the Jews settling in Egypt? At first, they were accepting of the Jewish people. Then they feared the power that they could have gained, so they enslaved them.
Story of Moses (How he came to be) Born around 1500 BCE Placed in a basket on the Nile by his mother Taken by the daughter of the Pharaoh Then raised Egyptian despite his Jewish background
Moses' encounter with the Burning Bush Moses has become a Shepard in the Middle East Sees a burning bush, hears a voice revealing himself as God The God's request was to "free my people"
How the 10 plagues came to be Moses goes back to Egypt with his brother, Aaron. Moses tells Ramses to free his people. Ramses says no. Then Moses calls upon God for the plagues.
Ramses reaction to the 10 plagues Ramses is ok with it at first, then he gets really scared when he hears about the First Born Plague.
Passover When Moses instructed people to kill a calf and smear the blood above their door so they would not get the 10th plague. Their house would have been "passed over" if the blood was there.
Ramses final reaction to the 10 Plagues Ramses finally lets them go. Ramses first son dies. Ramses gets mad, chases Moses' people through the dessert. Moses parts the Red Sea.
What happened when Moses and his people were in the desert? They wandered through the desert for 40 years
What mountain did God call upon Moses and his people to assemble at? And how long does Moses stay there? Mount Sinai, 40 days
What happens after Moses comes down from Mount Sinai He sees people upset, and gets mad. Therefore he breaks the tablets he retrieved and and eventually gives them to the people.
What was Moses' Fate? He did not enter the promised land, because he disobeyed god. He is banished to Mount Nebo which overlooks the land promised by God.
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