The Persian Empire

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How long was the Persian Empire around? (What years did it start/end?) 500 BCE to 500 CE 1000 years
Who founded the Persian Empire Alexander the Great in 331 BCE
3 Different Rulers of Persia Cyrus the Great, Cambyses II, Darius the Great
What did Cyrus the great do? Expanded to the west
What did Cambyses the II do? Expanded to Egypt
What did Darius the Great do? Expanded the empire into Europe
What was the system established when Cyrus the great was leader? The Imperial System
What type of leader was Cyrus? What did he do that was respected? He was a leader who let conquered people retain their culture.
What was different between Cyrus and Assyrians He let the people he conquer retain their culture, instead of killing and using terror tactics like the Assyrians.
What type of king was Cyrus? Warrior King
What did the imperial system include? Provincial governors who's jobs were to collect taxes and answer to the king.
Who did Cambyses rule on behalf of? His father, Cyrus.
What is known of Cambyses? Conflicting reports on how he ruled. Conquered Egypt Attempted to conquer Carthage and Ethiopia His army was destroyed in a sandstorm
What is believed to be the cause of Cambyes II death? Suicide or Accident
What did Darius help create? The Royal Road
What was the language Darius adopted? Aramaic
What else did Darius create/adopt? System of Measurements Calendar Law Code
Common religion created by Persian Rulers Zoroastrianism
What did Zoroastrianism center on? Battle of Good vs. Evil (Heaven vs. Hell essentially)
What type of religion is Zoroastrianism? Monotheistic
Zoroastrianism's holy text Avesta Contains 5 hymns called the Gathas (comparison: somewhat similar to the Torah and Bible)
Zoroastrianism beliefs today Doesn't accept converts (believe its ethnic), less than 200,000 followers, does not support interfaith marriages
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