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Democratisation Anyone can produce music, regardless of their instrumental skill.
Modernism Focusing on a single trajectory of progress (whereas today we celebrate performers of all different forms).
Musique concrète Associated with Pierre Schaeffer (Groupé Recherche Musicale was initially led by him). Uses montages of sound. Based in Paris (RTF). Primarily uses sampling.
Elektrönische music Synthesised sounds. Pseudo-scientific creation and organisation. Associated with Stockhausen and 1952-1970. Originated in Köln (WDR) from technological interests in synthesised speech in 1940s Nurtured in Darmstadt summer courses for new music (1950-)
Sonic landscape New sound environments. Documentary/dramatic approach. Associated with Luc Ferrari and Trevor Wishart.
Computer music Computer application to all processes of composition. Originated in late 1950s US. Most preliminary work done by public funds (units and institutes) in 50s/60s 1980s+ digital devices aimed at commercial and home users Bell labs (New Jersey)
Electroacoustic music Generic term for all 4 strands when they began to converge in the mid 1980s. Differentiated art music from pop.
Acousmatic music Compositional asthetic as well as listening strategy (otherwise similar to musique concrète).
Sound recording and sampling Taking what is already there (aural ‘photography’).
Sequencing sounds Re-ordering sounds by way of editing and ‘montage’.
Reduced listening A theme common in Schaeffer's work and radiophonic art. You listen to sound content as music.
Solfège Theory
Anecdotal electronic music Developed by Luc Ferrari Mimesis Related to acoustic ecology Aural equivalent of natural photography Origins of sound are foregrounded
Mimesis Process of evoking a context via sound e.g: manipulating musical structure to make it anecdotal.
Acoustic ecology Focuses on relationship between us and the environment.
WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk West German Broadcasting
Algorithmic composition Mostly instrumental music that's used a computer to work out a compositional sequence of algorithms or algorithms.
Live processing Music with computer controlled live signal processing.
Physical modelling Analysis/resynthesis of real sounds. Allows for morphing.
Mixed electroacoustic music Live instruments performed alongside fixed medium (allows complete control over important musical features e.g: tape) Engage with new tech in contemporary chamber music Believed to be more accessible to audiences Live element provides a specific focus E.g: Kotakte for piano, percussion and tape
Ghost images A compositional strategy of mixed electroacoustic works Recorded versions of same instrument
Acousmatic approach A compositional strategy of mixed electroacoustic works Sound sources from instrumental sounds to assist in timbral fusion
Orchestral approach A compositional strategy of mixed electroacoustic works Linked more to aesthetics of early computer music
Live electronics Sound transformations occur in real time In the context of electro-acoustic music May include traditional and/or non traditional instruments transformed in some way Scored or partially or wholly improvised Laptop improv
Expanded sound world Close mic technique similar to mixed works Mikrophonie (1964) 7 Pages by Whitty Used in pop music e.g: Kaki King's guitar style
Live transformation Essentially ornamental E.g: addition of reverb, delays etc. to composed works Boulez Repons (1981)
Improvised works Live instruments. Performers process/trigger sound as part of interactive performance
Interactive works Performer actions affect output by mapping of data collected by mic/sensor.
AI techniques Computer-based, score following