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Stockhausen 1928-2007 Controversial but viewed as a visionary Composed 370 works Used synthesis for increasingly complex compositions whose sonic parameters were defined by compositional "rules" Hated regular repetition of soldiers walking past his house as a teen Importance of post-1945 context and the rebuilding of European music Founded WDR studio Studied with Schaeffer but they didn't get on that well Liked serialism Influenced by Webern and Freud
The Futurists Believed in human technology triumphing over nature War = form of hygiene Initially anarchists but became fascists Misogynistic Themes: aestheticising of speed, tech and violence
Trevor Wishart 1946 Transforms recognisable sounds to produce "myth-like" narratives Links to surrealist art and morphing techniques in cinema Explores virtual landscape to convey cultural/social/political meaning Has written software for things
Luc Ferrari 1929-2005 Developed anecdotal electronic music
Herbert Eimert A composer involved in the emergence of electronic music
Ermer Meyer-Eppler A phoneticist involved in the emergence of electronic music
Robert Beyer Guy from WDR involved in the emergence of electronic music.
Bell labs New Jersey Investigated digital speech transmission for the military and determined the relationship of sampling rate and bit depth to fidelity in order to try and reconstruct degraded messages through algorithms. Mapped voltage pattern of analogue signal to sequence of integer values.
John Chowning Invented FM synthesis. This lead to the creation of the Yamaha DX-7. He also realised computer music programmes in collaboration with Max Matthews.
Max Matthews Realised computer music programmes
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