Sonic Arts Repertoire: Popular Music

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My understanding of weeks 6-9 of my lectures on this topic.

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Wall of Sound Phil Spector Uses orchestration techniques and reverb = a large space where sound fuses E.g: Be My Baby by the Ronettes (1963)
Dubplate Definition adapted from: Difficult to obtain and held in high regard A recording on which an artist mentions the name of the sound (in effect identifying it as a top sound and pledging to back it or support it). Usually comes in the form of an extra thick vinyl record (that looks like a plate) with 2 songs (dubs) on each side. Unique because of the fact that they are usually renditions of popular hit songs that particular artists have made.
Toasting Chanting/talking over the instrumental versions as a rap precursor
MC Mic Chatter Hypes up the crowd
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Sonic Arts Repertoire Key Terms 1
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Important people, groups and companies
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Red Red Wine - UB40
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Recording Specific Instruments
Key Technology Terms
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History Genres
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Sequencing, Synthesis and Sampling