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Me understanding my lecturer's lectures in a revisable form.

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MUSIC I 1957 Single triangle wave Written in assembler level code
MUSIC II 1958 4 triangle waves Wavetable synthesis Written in assembler level code
MUSIC III 1960 Written in assembler level code Unit generators as building blocks of sounds Modular synthesis process
MUSIC IV 1962 Written in assembler level code
MUSIC 360 1968 Derivative for IBM 360 mainframe Barry Vercoe (1968)
MUSIC V Version for higher level language FORTRAN Didn't have to be rewritten for each computer generation
MUSIC 11 Vercoe (1973) For DEC PDP-11
MUSIC 10 Chowning (1975) For DEC PDP-10, as used at IRCAM
C MUSIC 1985 Written in C
C SOUND 1986 Written in C
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