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This is the planning my production, whereby I bring all mise en scene ideas together.

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Film idea A young woman wakes up out of a coma and believes she meets her "daughter", she begins her research and stalking
Key props A camera will be needed as a key tool for her to perform her stalking, also printed out pictures, and a hospital wristband.
Setting The setting will be in a room in her house where she does all her work. Also, a park where she follows the child.
Costume The woman would be wearing a long white hospital gown, no shoes and red lipstick. The child would be wearing a casual outfit which is jeans and a coloured top with flat, dolly shoes.
Lighting When the scenes outside are shot, they will have natural outdoor lighting, but when she is inside doing her work, it would be dim but with a bit of light in one area which is her desk.
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