Types of Crowd

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Studying crowds and large groups.

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AMBULATORY CROWD A crowd entering or exiting a venue, walking to or from the car parks, or around the venue to use the facilities.
DISABILITY OR LIMITED MOVEMENT CROWD Where people are limited or restricted in their mobility to some extent, e.i limited by their inability to walk, see, hear, or speak fully.
COHESIVE OR SPECTATOR CROWD A crowd watching an event that they have come to the location to see, or that they happened to discover once there
EXPRESSIVE CROWD A crowd engaged in some form of emotional release, for example, singing cheering, chanting, celebrating, or moving together
PARTICIPATORY CROWD A crowd participating in the actual activities at an event, for instance, professional performers, athletes, or members of the audience invited to perform on stage.
AGGRESSIVE OR HOSTILE CROWD A crowd which becomes abusive, threatening, boisterous, potentially unlawful, and disregards instructions from officials
DEMONSTRATOR CROWD A crowd, often with a recognised leader, organised for a specific reason or event, to picket, demonstrate, march, or chant. Specific aim of being organised to protest
ESCAPING OR TRAMPLING CROWD A crowd attempting to escape from real or perceived danger or life-threatening situations, including people involved in organised evacuations, or chaotic pushing and shoving by a panicking mob
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