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Age of Discovery 1450-1650
Motives for Exploration The 3 G's-"God, Glory, or Gold"
Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal made yearly trips to West Africa, sends gold back to Portugal; he paid for other voyages of exploration
Christopher Columbus sails west to find a new sea route to Asia Thought he discovered the "New World" and or a new route.
Effects of his discovery native population wiped out by European diseases like smallpox causes the importation of slaves from Africa.
Ferdinand Magellan 1st explorer to "circumnavigate" (sail around) the world
Columbian Exchange exchange of plants & diseases between the Americas and Europe result of European exploration of the New World
The Middle Passage the journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the Americas made by slave ships. Many Africans died during the voyage
Conquistadors Spanish conquerors/explorers
Triangular Slave Trade A pattern of colonial commerce in which slaves were bought on the African Gold Coast with New England rum and then traded in the West Indies
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