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Flappers/Women New age for women, flappers were women whereing really revealing clothes
Prohibition Ban on alchoal, caused mobsters, violence, boot leggers, and speakeasis (bootlegger-someone who used their shoes to get alchoal across borders)
Teapot Dome Seceratary Albert Fall stole oil from US by leasing it to private oil men, and keeping money for himeself. Ended up spending 1 year in jail
Fords method--mass production Called the assembally line Ford came up with an idea of one person doing one thing then passing it done a line where each person only did one thing. created jobs.
Cars--Model T Cause to Ford's method, the cheapest car yet arrived. No longer just a lavish for the rich, citys grew out.
Buying on Margin Credit in another form for stocks. To many people taking more than they can pay back
Culteral split Result from war. More African Americans moving North, many open jobs from soldeirs. Although when white soilders got back they didnt like African Americans living there.
Scopes trial 1925 - Charles Darwin belived in "the big bang" which clashed with the bible.
Red scare and nativist Fear in which comuinst and socialist from Eastern Europe were traveliing to US w/ revolutionary doctrines. This help nativist.
KKK Ku Klux Klan - terriost group that gave the false impression of a social group. Attained more than 2 million members.
Harlem Renaissance Period during the 1920's in which African Americans , novilist and people celebrated culture.
Black Tuesday Stock Market crash. too much "fake money" , speculation, and mass production.
Run on banks After stock market crashed many people had to go get more money. Although it started to worry others that the bank would shut down so everyone rushed to get their money out of banks.
Bonus Army Vetrans that were promised checks for their work. Wanted checks early because pf The Great Depression. Stormed Washington DC demanding checks.
Why did Hoover lose presidency in 1932 The Great Deprresion hit > people lost faith also people didn't like that he sent army's to arrest bonus army.
Economic downturn New president FDR made a mistake of pulling money out of The New Deal, thinking it would be okay but...
New deals effect on voting patterns Many African americans went from Dem. to Rep. because Dem. may have freed them from slavery but Rep helped them get more out of Deprssion.
opposition to new deal 1938 - economic downturn, take advantage and no more organizations for The New Deal pass
Francis Perkins First women to reach presidents cabinet
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps - focused on young men (more than 2 million also helped econ, and enviroment.
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