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Roland Barthes 5 Narrative Codes

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Roland Barthes 5 Narrative Codes
Roland Barthes suggested that there will be at least one of the 5 codes that describe the meaning of a text. The terms may be 'open' (unravelled in many ways) or 'closed' (only one obvious thread to pull on)
Hermeneutic/ Enigma code Refers to mystery within the text due to part of the story not being fully explained. There are usually clues but no clear answers and the truth is usually avoided.
The purpose of this is to keep the audience guessing until the final scenes are revealed and closure is achieved. Unanswered enigmas usually frustrate the audience.
Proairetic/ Action code Builds tension. It refers to any other action or event that indicates something else is going to happen, which leads to the audience guessing what will happen next.
These elements add suspense to the text. ...
Semantic code Refers to parts within the text that suggests or refers to other meanings.
Elements of the semantic code are called Semes. The same has a connotative function in the text, it has more meanings than just the literal meaning.
Symbolic code Symbolism within the text.
Exercises opposites to show contrasts and create more meanings. This creates tension and character development. ...
Cultural code Works that can't be challenged and are assumed to be a foundation for truth. this typically involves science or religion.
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