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Anorexia Nervosa BW A psychological condition in which a person starves themselves to malnutrition.
Body Mass Index BW A weight to height ratio
Bulimia Nervosa BW A psychological condition where a person binge eats then purges
Calorie BW Measure of energy in food
Cholesterol BW Fat-like substance in all body cells
Diabetes BW A condition in which the body cannot use sugar normally
Dietary Supplements BW Substances such as vitamins, minerals and herbals taken in addition to food.
Eating Disorder BW Abnormal eating behavior that endangers health
Fad Diet BW Popular weight loss that ignores nutrition principles
Healthy Weight BW Body weight appropriate for your height that benefits your health
Heart Disease BW Any disorder that affects the heart's normal function
Obesity BW An excess of body fat that frequently impairs health
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