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Measuring/Reading Recipes


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Measuring/Reading Recipes
  1. Measuring Spoons
    1. Used to measure small amounts of ingredients
      1. Tablespoon
        1. Teaspoon
          1. 1/2 Teaspoon
            1. 1/4 Teaspoon
            2. Measuring Cups
              1. Used to measure dry ingredients
                1. Anything that needs to be leveled off can be dry-measured
                  1. Mayo, sour cream, peanut butter
                2. Cup
                  1. 1/2 Cup
                    1. 1/3 Cup
                      1. 1/4 Cup
                        1. Spoon flour into cup, don't dip the cup in
                          1. "Sifted Flour" is measured after it is sifted
                          2. Sugar is already dense, no need to spoon it in
                            1. Pack in brown sugar, but don't handle it too much
                              1. Should hold it's shape
                            2. Measuring Pitcher
                              1. Measures liquids
                                1. Anything that will level itself off
                                  1. oil, water, milk
                                2. Has marks for U.S, customary, metric, and fluid ounces
                                  1. When measuring viscous liquids, spray the pitcher w/ cooking spray
                                  2. Watch out for teaspoon vs tablespoon
                                    1. Tsp. is smaller than tbsp. because a teacup would sit on a table.
                                    2. If a recipe calls for a measure that you don't have, use equivalents
                                      1. 3 t in 3 T, 4 T in 1/4 c
                                      2. Spices usually measured in tsp., flour, sugar, etc. usually measured in cups
                                        1. Baking is math + chemistry = delicious results
                                          1. Measuring by weight
                                            1. Use a digital/analog scale
                                              1. Place bowl on scale, "zero out" bowl, then measure
                                            2. 3 parts to a recipe
                                              1. Top
                                                1. Contains recipe name, oven temp, and yield
                                                2. Middle
                                                  1. Ingredients and their measurements
                                                  2. Bottom
                                                    1. Shows directions for cooking recipe
                                                  3. Follow recipes EXACTLY
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