Fats and Oils

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Fats and Oils
1 Fats protect organs from shock/injury
2 Promote healthy skin
3 9 Calories/gram
3.1 Most concentrated energy source
3.1.1 Second only to carbs
3.1.2 Keeps you "full" longer
4 Fat - nutrient necessary for body insulation, energy and protection
5 Oil - fat liquid at room temperature
5.1 MyPyramid has an oils group, MyPlate does not
6 Lipids - family of chemical compounds, includes fats/oils
7 Cholesterol - fat-like substance made from glucose/saturated fat
7.1 Necessary for normal body function
7.1.1 Produces hormones/bile
7.1.2 Too much is linked to heart disease
7.2 HDL - high density lipoprotein
7.2.1 Removes excess cholesterol from liver
7.3 LDL - low density lipoprotein
7.3.1 Can clog arteries
8 4 vitamins are fat-soluable
8.1 Vitamins A, D, E, and K
9 Fatty acids - chemical chains that make up fats
9.1 Saturated fats
9.1.1 Usually from animal sources, solid at room temp. Cheese, milk, coconut oil
9.1.2 Raises HDL/LDLs in blood
9.2 Polyunsaturated fats
9.2.1 Found in veggies and fish, semi-liquid at room temp. Soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil
9.2.2 Lower HDL/LDLs in blood
9.3 Monounsaturated fats
9.3.1 Semi-solid/liquid at room temp. Olives, avocados
9.3.2 Raise HDL/lowers LDL
9.4 Short/long chains
10 Trans fats - modified unsaturated fat molecule, made into saturated fat molecule
11 Visible fat - fat you can see on meat, etc. (on steak)
12 Hydrogenation - making a liquid fat solid
13 Butter - milkfat churned into a solid
14 Margarine - Butter subst. made from plant fat
15 Lard - extracted animal fat
16 Vegetable shortening - hydrogenated vegetable oil
17 Vegetable oil - oils from plant sources
18 Rancid - decomposing fats
19 Animal fats provide more flavor than plant fats
20 Store tightly
21 Combustable
22 How to put out a grease fire
22.1 Turn off heat
22.1.1 Remove oxygen source Another pot, baking pan, baking soda, fire extinguisher
23 Type of fats consumed contribute to weight gain more than amounts of fat eaten
24 Made of triglycerides
25 Chemical makeup/shape changes fat properties
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