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Microwave Mind Map
  1. Magnetron produces microwaves
    1. Wave guide pushes microwaves into stirrer
      1. Stirrer directs waves onto food/walls of microwave
        1. Microwaves magnetically move water molecules, causing friction
          1. Friction produces heat, cooking food
          2. Thicker food should be towards the walls
      2. Cannot pass through metal
        1. Pass through ceramic, plastic, etc.
          1. Use a potholder to prevent burning yourself
          2. More food = more time it takes to cook
            1. Food usually cooks too quickly to brown
              1. Food only cooks ~ 1 inch in (STIR!)
                1. Allow food to stand after heating to continue cooking
                  1. No heating element (Paper towels/plastic wrap are A-OK to use)
                    1. Prick eggs/potatoes to prevent explosions
                      1. Cover food to retain moisture/prevent splatters
                        1. Stir/turn food for even cooking
                          1. Foods like rice/noodles DON'T cook faster in microwave
                            1. Use conventional oven/microwave simultaneously for most efficient cooking
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