Unit 1 Vocabulary

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This is a flashcard set for all of the terms used in the LET 1 curriculum Unit 1 section.

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JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) A program that teaches high school students the values of good citizenship while giving them an introduction to the U.S. Army
Mission A specific job given to a person or group of persons to accomplish
Cadet A high school student enrolled in the leadership and citizenship activities through JROTC
Unique Being the only one of it's kind
Motivate Provide a need or a purpose which causes a person to want to do something
Challenges To arouse the interest of one's actions or efforts; to stimulate; the quality of requiring full use of one's abilities, energy, and resources; to demand identification from someone before they are allowed to enter or pass.
Opportunities A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances
Candor Impartiality, fairness; frankness, openness
National Defense Act Enacted in 1916, this act officially created the Reserve Officers training Corps of which JROTC is a part
Leadership The ability to influence, lead, or guide others so as to accomplish a mission in the manner desired.
Conflict Resolution The solutions utilized by a society to settle disputes in a cohesive manner
Culturally Diverse The presence of multiple and different cultural groups and their behaviors within an organization or institution
Enlisted Related to, or constituting the part of the military force below officers
Subordinate A person lower in rank or grade
Battalion A military unit made up of two or more companies or batteries and a headquarters that is commanded by a lieutenant colonel, is the smallest unit to have a staff, and is administratively self- sufficient
Succession The order of persons next in line for an office or rank that is held by another
Team(s) A group of persons approximately one half of a squad and normally led by junior non-commissioned officer
Specialists A person who devotes himself to a particular occupation or field of study
Company A subdivision of a military regiment or battalion that constitutes the lowest administrative unit. Usually under the command of a captain with at least two platoons
Platoons A subdivision of a company size military unit normal consisting of two or more squads or sections
Squads The smallest unit in the army organization composed of a varying number of personnel
Unit Awards Recognition given to a JROTC program for being an honor unit, or an honor unit with distinction
Individual Awards Recognition given to an individual for outstanding academic, athletic, or military achievement, or for excellence in competition, contribution to unit goals, or outstanding service
Motivation A force that moves a person to action; often inspired by an idea, fact, event, or goal
Commitment A pledge or promise to do something; dedication to a long term course of action
Initiative The power to begin or follow through energetically with a plan or task
Responsibility The quality of being reliable, trust worthy, and accountable for your actions.
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