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These are command words that appear in GCSE exam questions and the types of response you are expected to give. Taken from the Ofqual publication Fair Access by Design.

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Question Answer
Analyse separate information into components and identify their characteristics
Assess make an informed judgement
Consider review and respond to given information
Criticise assess worth against explicit expectations
Evaluate judge from available evidence
Examine investigate closely
Explore investigate without preconceptions about the outcome
Review survey information
Comment present an informed opinion
Deduce draw conclusions from information provided
Define specify meaning
Describe set out characteristics
set out characteristics present key points
Explain set out purposes or reasons
Illustrate present clarifying examples
Interpret translate information into recognisable form
Outline set out main characteristics
Relate demonstrate connections between items
State express in clear terms
Summarise present principal points without detail
Argue present a reasoned case
Debate present different perspectives on an issue
Give produce an answer from recall
Justify support a case with evidence
Prove demonstrate validity on the basis of evidence
Suggest present a possible case
Calculate work out the value of something
Estimate assign an approximate value
Compare identify similarities
Contrast identify differences
Apply put into effect in a recognised way
Complete finish a task by adding to given information
Develop take forward or build upon given information
Identify name or otherwise characterise
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