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Name all the engineering sectors automotive computers,communications and IT, chemical and process, electrical and electronic, structural and civil, rail and marine, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical
What is a modern technology used when designing/building a motorway service station, and its benefit? CAD designs can be altered easily
name a modern technology used when engineering an aircraft door and the benefit of it Laser cutter the cuts are produced more accurately
Name a product produced in the aerospace sector aircraft door, landing gear, aircraft wing etc.
name a product produced in the medical and pharmaceutical sector pacemaker, mobility scooter, glasses etc.
name a product produced in the electrical and electronic sector hot drinks vending machine, overhead projector, Christmas lights etc.
name a product produced in the automotive sector car bonnet, car door, car tyre etc.
what is a smart material? a material that can be controlled/altered through an external input, such as pH, temperature, magnetic fields, stress or water
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