Anatomy Year 2 Test 3 Practical

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Anatomy Year 2 Test 3 Practical

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9a9bcf63-a429-4785-b515-a6d6f2f003e7.jpg (image/jpg) Adrenal Gland - HE
aac53c11-704c-46ea-bb79-a5c90ad59aad.jpg (image/jpg) Ductus Deferens - HE
606329ad-23ac-48e3-a323-5a01285e64ad.jpg (image/jpg) Epididymis - HE
0fae901c-699a-4229-bf6b-f9e6af7ec994.jpg (image/jpg) Epiphysis (Corpus Pineale) - HE
f13aceb9-b6c0-4061-bd6d-5f533e70c065.jpg (image/jpg) Hypophysis (gl. pituitaria) - HE
fa8e1bc9-68b1-4117-95e8-20d67d80e58a.jpg (image/jpg) Ovary - HE
9a1648fa-b3a1-4579-93cb-2abd70b0f3ac.jpg (image/jpg) Oviduct (tuba uterina) - HE
a4ab9e0c-02ea-4794-b371-05066d4ac86e.jpg (image/jpg) Parathyroid Gland (gll. parathyroidae) - HE
3db3a541-64ba-4cf1-9bd2-b34dff3e6b43.jpg (image/jpg) Prostate - HE
b62577c9-3c6c-4938-a17b-c092a0892890.jpg (image/jpg) Testis - HE
3035bfb8-9e9d-44f5-ad1c-2286b06b9423.jpg (image/jpg) Thyroid Gland (gl. thyroidea) - HE
0dc6f232-e446-4710-aade-040eafcd8db7.jpg (image/jpg) Uterus - HE
6f253b71-b954-4e4c-8d56-4155fbfa1e1e.jpg (image/jpg) Vagina - HE
0e074cc9-6b84-4890-bfee-a8b7c78cb3e4.jpg (image/jpg) Blue - Ligamentum Ovarii Proprium Proper Ovarian Ligament Grey - Suspensory Ligament of the Ovary
fd561089-5f4f-4bcc-ab4a-e2b27840131e.jpg (image/jpg) Yellow - Extremitas Uterina Black - Extremitas tubular ovary
24d1bf83-0241-4b04-ab5f-8a197087f936.png (image/png) Blue - Isthmus Tuba Uterina Black - Ampulla Tuba Uterina Grey/Clear - Infundibulum Tuba Uterina
22395d8b-07bf-4a66-acc8-e51f808f9b1f.png (image/png) Grey - Ampulla Spermatic Duct (Medial) Blue - Vesicula Seminalis (Lateral)
c59d1872-ed55-4872-97ec-870d65a0ada2.png (image/png) Grey - Apex of Urinary Bladder Blue - Body of Urinary Bladder Black - Fundus of Urinary Bladder
c50409c2-1f8b-4be9-83cc-8ddac68572dd.jpg (image/jpg) Black - Plica Interureterica
559acf9d-2fe3-4800-ab25-7cd8ec7601ac.jpg (image/jpg) Black - Recessus Retrouretericus
f87458c7-3044-4d4f-beb7-34c1158ed13b.jpg (image/jpg) Black - Uvula Vesicae
34388137-5204-4968-91c9-f06460f4b838.jpg (image/jpg) Yellow - Base of Prostate
af7d9940-e558-4f06-ab64-7aeb22d9d182.jpg (image/jpg) Blue - Apex of Prostate
49271e3d-cf60-4d0b-bd17-0d3ddefea831.png (image/png) Blue - Spermatic Cord Black - Ductus Deferens
5f61337e-ca71-4f41-85dd-7af027657a88.png (image/png) Yellow - Head of the Epididymis Grey - Body of the Epididymis Blue - Tail of the Epididymis
bbd8a9e5-01aa-4ee6-83b9-92a9d59b9ef5.png (image/png) Blue - Tunica Albuginea of Testis
2ebccee0-1ca5-49a4-ae93-0e18454396b1.jpg (image/jpg) Yellow - Cruz Penis Blue - Bulbus Penis Black - Urethra - Pars Membranacea
a9f8ec57-839f-42b7-b50d-77562b070807.jpg (image/jpg) Grey - Corpus Spongiosum
e5bae6be-4532-41d1-b160-3eda1f1eaf07.jpg (image/jpg) Blue - Corpus Cavernosa
ed3382f8-7077-485c-ad23-0db68151987d.jpg (image/jpg) Blue - Glans Penis Grey - Corona Glandis
377bf012-e266-4b32-9881-21e8b77db066.jpg (image/jpg) Cells of Adenphypophisis
29813a40-0caa-4b87-b9a5-1c34ef86db63.jpg (image/jpg) Thyrpid Gland Follicule
9f546ca9-7ce1-4ded-aa0d-7f355228b153.jpg (image/jpg) Zona fasciculata cell in adrenal gland
897e3f83-37b4-4421-8d7f-e115959d7fb9.jpg (image/jpg) EC2 endocrine cell in small intestine
f79cbaa6-f127-4c02-80c9-4562db4dac2c.jpg (image/jpg) Leyidic cell in human testis
3e335959-c986-4acc-b232-421671a3d5a7.png (image/png) Grey - Fundus Uteri Blue - Body Uteri Pink - Isthmus Uteri Yellow - Cervix Uteri
1d282c03-33a0-4185-bd8d-85db7d7c3e4a.png (image/png) Yellow - Ostium Uteri
4f7adeeb-58fa-4455-ad2e-b9d29fe05e00.png (image/png) Yellow - Ligament Teres Uteri
af3b70b3-2849-482d-b480-b9e4183d8459.png (image/png) Blue - Isthmus Tuba Uterina Pink -Ampulla Tuba Uterina Yellow - Infundibulum Tuba Uterina
74ca23c2-085e-4433-addb-ed8210245ad6.png (image/png) Blue - Posterior Fornix Grey - Anterior Fornix Yellow - Ostium Vaginae
8d8fbf96-daee-4b6c-9c4b-5c6b3745975f.png (image/png) Yellow - Fundus Uteri Grey/Clear - Corpus Uteri Blue - Cervix uteri Isthmus located towards ostium
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