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what are the symbols for: calcium carbon sodium Calcium = Ca Carbon = C Sodium = Na
how would you work out the atomic number of an atom given its atomic number? put them into the rings 2,8,8 etc and count how many in each shell
describe the process of ionic bonding. ionic bonding if when an atom loses or gain electrons in order to have a full outer shell
what is covalent bonding? covalent bonding is when 2 atoms need to complete their outer shell so share electrons with another atom.
name 3 building materials made from limestone concrete, cement, mortar
whats the definition of an ore a quantity of an element stuck in rock in a substantial volume that can be extracted
what is electrolysis the process using an anode and cathode, electrolyte and a current used to seperate
give three properties of metals hard bendable good conductor of electricity/ heat
give 2 examples of alloys and say whats in them bronze = copper + tin gold for jewelery = gold + zinc + copper + silver + palladium + nickel
what does crude oil contain mostly alkanes. made up of chains of carbon atoms surrounded by hydrogen atoms.
whats the general formula for an alkane CnH2n+2
is a short chain hyrdocarbon more viscous than a long chain? no the shorter the less viscous (gloopy) it is
what do mass and atomic number represent atomic mass and electron number
what is a compound a group of atoms
describe the process of ionic bonding when an atom loses/gains electrons in order to get a full outer shell
what is covalent bonding when atoms share electrons in order to get a full outer shell
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