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Chapter 5 Beginnings of an American Identity note cards

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Benjamin Franklin American writer, Publisher, scientist, inventor, and diplomat
Pontiac's rebellion native revolt against the British colonies
Proclamation of 1763 British declaration that forbade colonists from settling west of the Appalachians
English Bill of Rights 1689 laws protecting the rights of English subjects and Parliament
Enlightenment Philosophical movement stressing human reason
John Locke English philosopher that argued that all people had natural rights.
French and Indian War War of 1754-1763 between Britain, France, and their allies for control of North America.
Great Awakening Christian Religious movement
Treaty of Paris (1763) The treaty that ended the war between Britain and France.
Jonathan Edwards Preacher that delivered fiery sermons during the Great Awakening
Battle of Quebec The battle that led to the British win in the French and Indian War
George Whitefield Preacher who drew large crowds during the Great Awakening
Albany Plan of Union First formal proposal to unite the colonies
Magna Carta Charter of English political and civil liberties
John Peter Zenger New York Publisher who was taken to court for criticizing the governor of New York
Edmund Andros English governor appointed to rule the reorganized northern colonies
Apprentice One who is learning a trade from an experienced craftsperson.
Parliament England's chief lawmaking body
Glorious Revolution events of 1688-1689, during which the English Parliament invited William and Mary to replace James II as monarchs
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